Upload media file

You need your AfricasTalking username and APIKey for any request to our API. If you don't have an APIKey, you can generate one from your applications settings page.

The C# code snippet below shows how you can upload a media file to Africas Talking servers using our API.

The code uses our C# gateway class: AfricasTalkingGateway.cs [ Download]

To help decode JSON responses, you will need to add a reference to System.Web.Extensions and System.Microsoft.CSharp

using System;

class MainClass
	static public void Main (){
		// Specify your login credentials
		string username = "MyApp_Username";
		string apiKey   = "MyApp_APIKey"; 
		// Specify your the url of file to be uploaded
		string url = "http://onlineMediaUrl.com/file.wav";
		// Create a new instance of our awesome gateway class
		AfricasTalkingGateway gateway = new AfricasTalkingGateway (username, apiKey);

		// Any gateway errors will be captured by our custom Exception class below,                                                                                                                       
        // so wrap the call in a try-catch block          
		try {

			Console.WriteLine ("File upload initiated. Time for song and dance!");  

		} catch (AfricasTalkingGatewayException e) {

			Console.WriteLine ("Encountered an error: " + e.Message);		


You can upload a media/audio file to our servers. This media file will be played when called upon by one of our voice functionalities. ie.

Functionality Attribute Description
Play url This contains the audio file you want played during a call.
Call queueing holdMusic This contains the audio file you want played when the user has been queued waiting to be dequeued.
Dial holdMusic This contains the audio file you want played when a number has been dialed before it's picked.
Our REST resource for making calls is located at: https://voice.africastalking.com/mediaUpload. In order to upload a media file, you will need to pass in the following parameters within a POST request:
Variable Name Location Description
apikey Header Your API Key, which you can generate from your dashboard
username Body Your Africa's Talking account username
url Body The url of the file to upload. Don't forget to start with http://

You can check the HTTP Response Code to determine whether the request was successful. Any response code other than 201 (Created) indicates that the call was not initiated

Example using CURL client
curl -H "Accept: application/xml" -H "Apikey:myAPIKey" -d "username=myUsername&url=http://myOnlineMediaFile.mp3" https://voice.africastalking.com/mediaUpload --insecure