SIP Phones are the same thing as VoIP Phones or Soft phones. These are telephones that use VoIP technologies for making calls over an IP Network or the traditional PSTN networks.

Using AfricasTalking voice API, you can call a SIP phone from a normal phone number and vice versa.

In order to receive incoming calls via your SIP phone from normal number, you will need to get a virtual number from us (+254711082XXX). We will forward incoming calls to this callback URL. You can then respond with a Dial action, asking us to forward the call to the SIP number above.

For example a response would be: <Dial phoneNumbers=""/>

You can also call a virtual number via a SIP phone then handle the call as you wish. ie.

  • Say something to caller
  • Dial
  • Play media file
  • GedDigits(Collect caller info)
  • Enqueue and Dequeue
  • Record
  • Put call in a conference call

To request for a SIP number, click here.