An action is something you can send in response to a notification that tells us how to handle the current call.

Action Description
Say With this action, you set a text (in English) and we will read it out to the caller.
Play This element lets you play back an audio file that is located anywhere on the web.
Get Digits You can use this element to get the digits that a user enters on their phone in response to a prompt from your application.
Dial You can use this action to connect the user who called your phone number to an external phone number.
Record This element lets you record a call session into an mp3 file that you can then retrieve and play later. Our API supports partial recording or terminal recording. Partial recording is useful where a particular user response is required like while prompting for a name. For terminal recording, the recording starts when the record action is called until the mobile user hangs up.
Enqueue Lets you pass an incoming call to a queue to be handled later.
Dequeue Lets you pass the calls enqueued to a separate number so that it can be handled e.g by an agent.
Conference Lets you add all the users that dial into the phone number to a conference call.
Redirect This action will transfer control of the call to the script whose URL is passed in. This can help you better organize your call handling logic by spreading the logic across multiple scripts.
Reject This action lets you reject an incoming call without incurring any usage charges from our APIs.


Any action that takes input from the user such as Get Digits and Record will trigger another notification to your application with those values so we can know what next action to take. This is so that you can perform some logic depending on the user's input.

Input Prompts

You can nest either a Say element or Play element inside a GetDigits or Record element. This will be used to prompt the user.

Here is a sample GetDigit response, with a Say prompt:

    <GetDigits timeout="30" finishOnKey="#">
        <Say>Please enter your account number followed by the hash sign</Say>

Here is a sample Record response with a Play prompt:

    <Record finishOnKey="#" maxLength="10" trimSilence="true" playBeep="true">
        <Play url=""/>