You can build dynamic, scalable, fully featured voice applications that reside entirely in the cloud using our Voice APIs This gives you a flexible alternative that eliminates the need to purchase and maintain expensive voice equipment.

How It Works

Getting started is easy. Purchase a phone number from us, configure a callback URL (location on the web where your application resides) and we will notify you whenever a user calls your phone number. In response, you can send us instructions (in XML format) on how to handle the call and we will do the rest.

API Actions

Examples of actions that you can trigger using our voice APIS in the course of a call are:

  • Say something. You can send us the text and we will read it out to the caller
  • Play back a file from anywhere on the internet
  • Record the call
  • Dial another number and forward the call to that number.
  • Add the user to a Conference

Follow the links below to explore each of the capabilities that we have exposed: