Fetch messages from API

You need your AfricasTalking username and APIKey for any request to our API. If you don't have an APIKey, you can generate one from your applications settings page.

The Ruby and Rails code snippet below shows how to fetch messages from our API.

The code uses our Ruby and Rails gateway class: AfricasTalkingGateway.rb [ Download]

# Be sure to import the helper gateway class
require './AfricasTalkingGateway'

# Specify your login credentials
username = 'MyUsername'
apikey   = 'MyApikey'

# Create a new instance of our awesome gateway class
gateway = AfricasTalkingGateway.new(username, apikey)

# Any gateway errors will be captured by our custom Exception class below,
# so wrap the call in a try-catch block
  # Our gateway will return 10 messages at a time back to you, starting with
  # what you currently believe is the lastReceivedId. Specify 0 for the first
  # time you access the gateway, and the ID of the last message we sent you
  # on subsequent results
  last_received_id = 0

  while true
    messages = gateway.fetch_messages(last_received_id)
    messages.each {|x|
      puts 'from=' + x.from + 'to=' + x.to + ';text=' + x.text + ';linkId=' + x.linkId + ';date=' + x.date
      last_received_id = x.id
    break if messages.length == 0

rescue AfricasTalkingGatewayException => ex

  puts 'Encountered an error: ' + ex.message


Parameter Location Description Required
API key Header API key generated from your account settings Yes
Accept Header This is the format you would like your data formatted. It may be application/xml or application/json. The default is application/xml. The gateway classes provided uses appliaction/json. No
username URL This is your username Yes
lastReceivedId URL This is the id of the message that you last processed. If this is your first call, pass in 0 Yes
<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <text>A test message</text>
        <date>2012-07-15 15:40:06</date>
        <text>Another test message</text>
        <date>2012-07-15 15:47:06</date>

        "text":"A test message",
        "linkId": "messageLinkId",
        "date":"2012-07-15 15:40:06",
        "text":"Another test message",
        "linkId": "messageLinkId",
        "date":"2012-07-15 15:47:06",
Example using CURL client
curl -v -H "Accept: application/xml" -H "Apikey:fb752d3417021812f0961y6c9464832dd1adb1e555c73f1e7c32bcc006488674" https://api.africastalking.com/version1/messaging?username=myUsername&lastReceivedId=0 --insecure