Receive message via callback

You can register a callback URL with us and we will forward any messages that are sent to your account the moment.

To set up a callback url, click here

You can also view your messages in your inbox

We will make a POST call to the path provided that contains the following parameters:
  • from: The number that sent the message
  • to: The number to which the message was sent
  • text: The message content
  • date: The date and time when the message was received
  • id: The internal ID that we use to store this message
  • linkId: Optional parameter required when responding to an on-demand user request with a premium message
PHP sample code

 $from = $_POST['from'];
 $to = $_POST['to'];
 $text = $_POST['text'];
 $date = $_POST['date'];
 $id = $_POST['id'];
 $linkId = $_POST['linkId']; //This works for onDemand subscription products
 //Manipulate the data as required